Better Your Sleep With Beauty Products!

 It’s hard to admit the truth sometimes; one harsh truth that we often resist admitting to ourselves is that we need sleep. Yes, life is busy, and there are a limited number of hours in the day. But taking hours out of your sleep time and distributing them towards other activities can do a lot of harm in the long run. Getting the proper amount of sleep improves your quality of life and your overall longevity; it also makes you look more beautiful! So you really need to stop neglecting your sleep!

People spend hours of time, effort, and a ton of money each year trying to find easier ways to make themselves more beautiful. But did you know that one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways of improving your aesthetic appearance is by sleeping more? Best of all, you can kill two birds with one stone by incorporating beauty products into your nightly sleep hygiene routine. We’ve gathered some of the most effective and affordable beauty products which also help with sleep, and we are going to give them a quick review for you right now. Whether you’re worried about wrinkles, improving your complexion, under eye dark circles, or any other beauty blemishes that you would like to banish from your face, getting more sleep and using the following beauty products can help you effortlessly achieve your goals literally overnight.

Putting Your Best Face Forward

The old TV trope about the beautiful housewife putting cream on her face before bed isn’t just there for laughs. It’s there because overnight is the best time to pamper your skin with anti-aging and detoxifying ointments. But morning and daytime face creams have their place, too. This is especially true if they have SPF built in to protect your skin from sun damage. But they don’t eliminate the need for night creams. As much abuse as your skin takes during the day while you are awake, it can’t exactly protect itself from environmental toxins and repair itself at the same time. The energy demands are too great. That’s why you have to strategically apply specific beauty products while you sleep to get the most potent anti-aging benefits. Some of those include:

  • Eye Serum – Yes, you should invest a little extra money and purchase a serum specifically formulated for the delicate skin around your eyes. This skin possesses a unique molecular structure which the rest of your face doesn’t have – so it’s going to take a little extra to take care of things like puffiness, sagging skin, and crow’s feet in these areas.
  • Satin Sleep Mask – Sleep masks are great way to block out light which would otherwise disrupt your natural sleep hormones and have a detrimental effect on your sleep cycle. Make sure they’re made of satin though, so that they don’t dry out your skin or cause damage while you sleep.  
  • Satin Pillowcases – This one helps your hair, scalp, and skin. And it also makes your sleeping environment that much more comfortable to help induce deeper, more restorative sleep. Satin pillowcases are better for beauty because they don’t absorb and strip your hair and scalp of essential oils the way cotton or cotton blend pillow cases do. So spend a little extra cash and treat yourself to some satin pillowcases!

Beautiful Scents for More Beautiful Rest

Smell has a potent effect on the human brain. It is so potent that scientists still don’t understand exactly how smell works in our bodies. But what we do know is that the right smells at the right time can help us biohack our own bodies for optimal health and wellness. Try incorporating the right fragrance with one or more of the following delivery systems: 

  • Scented pillow and sheet spray – anything with lavender or a citrus scent can help make you feel relaxed and drowsy before bed
  • Scent diffusers – instead of spraying them as needed, they can fill your sleeping space with relaxing aromas 24/7
  • Aromatherapy serums – they work like scented sprays, but you apply them directly to your pulse points for a stronger effect

The Hottest Beauty Buys (Which Also Help With Sleep)

If you haven’t had a good makeover in a while and are looking for products to help you pamper yourself, look no further. We’ve got some great recommendations that’ll help you feel like a princess – and also help you get some relaxing sleep so you can look like one, too.

Bath Bombs 

You’ve probably seen demonstration videos on YouTube of influencers dropping a bath bomb into a tub of warm water and describing how it feels and smells. Not only will bath bombs make your bathing ritual that much more luxurious and enjoyable, but a warm bath right before bed is great for helping you sleep. The quick spike in body temperature that a warm bath gives you forces your body to cool down rapidly – and this rapid temperature change triggers sleep hormone releases in your brain.

Bath Soaks

Bath bombs may be fun, fizzy, and so hot right now – but you can’t beat an old-fashioned bath soak. These are usually cheaper, although not as visually impressive as a bath bomb. They also contain things like essential oils to help moisturize your skin and special fragrances to relieve anxiety (which would normally leave you tossing and turning at night).

Scented Candles

They may not directly influence your physical appearance – but scented candles can certainly make your bath time, your bedroom, or anything feel more beautiful and romantic. Plus, remember how we mentioned the importance of scent before? Purchasing a lavender or a lemongrass scented candle and combining it with a good bath bomb or soak is a perfect recipe for a good night’s sleep.

Take an Herbal Sleep Supplement to Get the Most Out of Your Beauty Sleep

If you’re having trouble counting sheep, or if you just want to take something that’ll give you deeper and more restorative rest, we suggest a natural herbal supplement like Avinol PM. Really, anything that contains natural ingredients such as chamomile, melatonin, or hops extract will work wonders for your beauty sleep. You’ll fall asleep quickly, stay asleep all night, and wake up feeling and looking refreshed – it’s perfect for putting your best face forward!

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