Did You Hear the Good News? Chamomile Helps Alleviate Sleep Problems!

Chamomile is a very popular flower. Especially when it comes to tea. But there are also perfumes, body sprays, lotions, and many other things which people like to infuse with chamomile. The idea is that this beloved flower is good at helping people feel calm and relaxed when they are stressed out or anxious. But how does it do this? Most people might not be curious enough to wonder why. But we think it’s important to know these things. That’s why we’re going to discuss the potent medicinal properties that chamomile can bring to your life.

Using Chamomile to Beat Anxiety and Insomnia

This is one of the most popular reasons people consume chamomile, regardless of whether they drink it in a tea or take it in a supplement. And it’s not just a placebo effect. Drinking chamomile tea or getting chamomile into your body in some other way is great for reducing anxiety and alleviating insomnia. There’s plenty of science to back this up, too.

But not just any chamomile will work. You have to get the good stuff. Chamomile is the type of plant which has traveled all over the globe and been evolving for centuries. Because of this, there are certain subspecies of chamomile which are more effective than others. Mother Nature is funny like that. The takeaway point is that you want to get German chamomile, otherwise known as matricaria chamomilla. This is basically chamomile in its purest form. it’s also it’s more potent form, too.

As we’ve touched on already, chamomile is one of the most popular tea drinks in the world. Unfortunately, there are still some people out there who would not come around to the fact that tea is wonderful and should be imbibed as often as possible. However, if you aren’t a fan of tea but don’t mind swallowing, there are supplements made out of chamomile. Either way, you’ll be doing a good deed for your health and for your body’s ability to get quality sleep. If you live in europe, you’re in even better luck; German doctors write prescriptions for pharmaceutical grade chamomile supplements all the time. These prescriptions are usually for patients who present with symptoms of insomnia and/or anxiety. German doctors believe in both the safety and efficacy of chamomile so much that they have designated it as a Class B drug which is safe for all of the general population, including pregnant and breastfeeding women.

So what’s all of the science behind chamomile, you ask? That’s a very excellent question. It all has to do with the flavonols and other plant compounds which chamomile naturally produces. These powerful antioxidants can help clean up the oxidative damage your cells produce as the result of everyday wear and tear. Because of chamomile’s unique botanical properties, the antioxidant power of this plant is especially effective on the central nervous system and brain cells. It’s easy for chamomile to pass the blood-brain barrier, which means that it is great at boosting the levels of GABA swimming around between your brain cells. The more GABA you have, the more calm and relaxed you will feel. As we’re sure anyone who has trouble sleeping knows, anxiety is probably one of the main reasons people have trouble sleeping at night. Thanks to chamomile medicinal properties, many people have experienced relief from their sleepless nights.

There’s So Much More to Chamomile

As you can see, chamomile is one of the best natural solutions for anxiety and insomnia that you can get your hands on. But what if we told you that it does a whole lot more than that? Well, it’s true! Most of us live in an age where you take one specific medicine that is only designed for one specific thing; so it seems confusing or suspicious when you find something that can cure many different conditions. But when you’re dealing with herbal remedies, the same botanical compounds which yield healthful benefits can have a holistic effect on almost every single cell in your body. Just take a look at all the other things chamomile can do for you:

  • It helps with muscle spasms
  • Eliminates hay fever symptoms
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Soothes menstrual cramps  
  • Mollifies ulcer pain
  • Relieves gastrointestinal distress
  • Reduces hemorrhoid swelling
  • Helps alleviate psoriasis
  • Some people use it for chickenpox
  • Also used to treat eczema

By now, you’re probably thinking about ways that you can get more chamomile into your daily routine. It’s easier than you might think. There are many different ways to get chamomile that we’ve already talked about so far. But there’s one other secret, special method you can use to enjoy the relaxing, sleep inducing benefits of chamomile which we haven’t discussed yet.

How to Get More Chamomile

You don’t have to live in Germany and beg your doctor for a chamomile prescription in order to get chamomile’s potent health benefits. For many people, it’s a simple as driving down to your local grocery store, or vitamin shop, or a beverage boutique which specializes in tea…You get the idea. There are many different retail outlets in almost every city which will sell you some form of chamomile tea. Either that, or a chamomile supplement. For some people, either of these methods may be sufficient on their own. But that’s not always the case.

For others, tea may not be an option or they might not have access to the right kind of tea at an affordable price. Furthermore, not all chamomile supplements are created equal. Many of them are made with cheaper, imitation versions of pure german chamomile. This makes them ineffective. Furthermore, why settle for a chamomile supplement with chamomile by itself when you can take an herbal sleep aid which also includes:

  • 5-HTP  
  • Lavender
  • Passion flower
  • Valerian root
  • Melatonin

All of these herbs and other natural ingredients have a strong reputation for helping people sleep. So what do you think is going to happen when you combine them with the anti-anxiety, relaxation properties of chamomile? Well, you get a highly effective sleep aid which doesn’t come with any of the baggage or dangers of prescription drugs. That sleep aid is Avinol PM. If you want to take advantage of chamomile and other healthful herbs to help with your sleep problems, you should buy a box today.

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