Did You Know That Sleeping Pills Are Potentially Dangerous for Your Health?

These days, modern life is more stressful than ever. It’s no surprise that so many people are practically begging their doctors for a prescription sleep aid just to get their nightly rest. But is this really a good idea? Yes, these drugs help knock most people out if they’re having trouble sleeping – but the consequences can be dire. Prescription sleeping pills can have potentially dangerous side effects in both the short and the long term. Before you ask for a prescription from your doctor, we implore you to read up on the facts that prescription sleeping pills with us.

There Are Different Types of Prescription Sleeping Pills

When you talk about prescription sleeping pills, you’re actually talking about several different types of drugs. Not all prescription sleeping pills are created equal. Depending on your particular sleep problem, one type of drug might work better for you than others. But that doesn’t mean one classification of drug is safer for you than the others. All it means is that they may harm you in different ways.


Hypnotics are aptly named because they create a hypnotic effect on the human brain. They are sometimes called soporifics or nonbenzodiazepines. One thing that sets hypnotics apart is the fact that, although a sedative, they don’t provide any anti-anxiety benefits. Hypnotics have one job: to induce sleep. Many of these drugs also fail to help people stay sleep through the night unless you get a special type of pill. Doctors don’t often prescribe extended-release hypnotics, though, because many patients complain about next-day drowsiness. Hypnotics also prevent your brain from getting the amount of REM sleep it needs to stay healthy. If you’ve ever taken Ambien, Sonata, Lunesta, or Zimovane, then you’ve taken a hypnotic sleeping pill.


Benzodiazepines can serve one of two purposes: they can help reduce anxiety in small doses, and they can help people fall asleep in larger doses. These drugs can also help you stay asleep through the night if that is a problem for you. But “benzos” can cause some major problems if people aren’t careful with their dosage. Mixing alcohol or other depressant drugs with a benzodiazepine has caused people to stop breathing and even die in their sleep. Benzodiazepine drugs are also highly addictive and can cause some people to become dependent. As far as the human sleep cycle goes, benzodiazepines shorten the amount of REM sleep and slow-wave sleep that you need to get the most restorative rest for your brain and body. If your doctor tries to prescribe you a drug that ends in either “-zepam” or “-zolam”, then you’ll know that he or she is prescribing you a benzodiazepine drug.

Tricyclic Antidepressants

Sometimes, doctors will prescribe medications that are actually meant to treat other disorders. This is called prescribing a medication “off-label”. Some tricyclic antidepressants are prescribed off-label to help people with insomnia. This is because some tricyclic antidepressants have a side effect which makes people feel very sleepy. Unfortunately, these drugs also have unique dangers of their own. Like hypnotics, they won’t help you stay asleep through the night – they only make you sleepy for a short time after you take them. Furthermore, like many other antidepressants, you may suffer symptoms like blurred vision, dizziness, trouble urinating, an irregular heartbeat, or a painful, long-lasting erection disorder known as priapism. The most common tricyclic antidepressants which are prescribed off-label for sleep are Doxepin, Trazodone, and amitriptyline. Just like the other drugs we’ve mentioned so far, you will be sacrificing precious REM sleep if you have to depend on a tricyclic antidepressant to get to sleep at night.

You Need Restorative, Healthy Sleep

If you take a prescription medication to help alleviate your sleep problems, all you’re really doing is saving yourself the emotional turmoil of tossing and turning all night. Beyond that, you’re not getting the healthy rest you need to optimize your health and wellness. In some ways, you’re almost better off staying awake. If you take a prescription sleep aid for months or even years, it can permanently handicap your ability to get a healthy amount of REM sleep and slow wave sleep. If you can’t complete a healthy sleep cycle, your physical and cognitive health will start to decline rapidly. Getting poor sleep – and going long stretches without high quality rest – can cause the following health problems:

  • A weaker immune system
  • Impaired brain function
  • Physical injuries from accidents and/or falling
  • Obesity
  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Depression, anxiety, and or other mood disorders

As you can see, getting poor quality sleep can be very hazardous to your health. If you have to depend on a prescription medication in order to get to sleep at night, it’s almost as bad as not getting any sleep at all. For some people, it can even be worse! But don’t worry – there are alternative solutions you can use in order to get the sleep you need.

Which Sleep Supplements Are Healthy to Take?

If you’re concerned about the potential health consequences of prescription sleeping pills, you’re not alone. But there are healthier alternatives. After all, people were having trouble sleeping for Centuries before these prescription drugs came along. What do you think they did?

They used natural solutions, that’s what. Those natural solutions included things like hops, chamomile, and valerian root. Today we know that these solutions worked because they help increase neurotransmitters which relax mind and body in preparation for sleep. Today, we also know about amino acids like l-theanine and 5-HTP which boost this affect even further.

So where can you get natural ingredients that help you fall asleep, stay asleep, and boost the quality of your sleep? There are tons of herbal remedies out there which promise to achieve that task, but few actually succeed. Avinol PM, however, is in a special class of natural sleep supplements which will help you fall asleep fast and give you the best sleep you’ve had in ages. We strongly suggest you give it a try.

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